Successfully Wild Episode 2039: A Miles in Somebody Else’s Bruise

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter a few foolish kerfuffle involving Miles Mikolas, Willson Contreras, and Ian Happ, Triston Casas’s scorching streak and former unwritten-rules run-in, Bullet Rogan vs. Shohei Ohtani, Aaron Judge’s return and the Yankees’ underlying points, the Mets buying and selling David Robertson to the Marlins and the White Sox sending Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly to the Dodgers and Kendall Graveman to the Astros, White Sox historic franchise futility, which of this season’s most disappointing groups is almost certainly to bounce again in 2024, and Royals proprietor John Sherman’s claims concerning the financial affect of the workforce’s future ballpark, plus emails (1:19:45) a few homerless MVP and MLB possession vs. NFL possession, and a Future Blast (1:27:26) from 2039.

Audio intro: Ted O., “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Harold Walker, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to story about Cardinals kerfuffle
Link to Cardinals broadcast commentary
Link to broadcaster ratings
Link to bottom-five broadcasters
Link to post on lizard incident
Link to Mikolas vs. Galvis
Link to Mikolas vs. Soto
Link to Ben on the Soto shuffle
Link to Casas/clubhouse article
Link to Cora on Casas
Link to best hitters since 6/7
Link to best hitters since 5/23
Link to FG combined WAR leaderboard
Link to FiveThirtyEight on Rogan
Link to Rogan wiki
Hyperlink to earlier EW on Rogan
Link to B-Ref Negro Leagues stats
Hyperlink to FG Negro Leagues stats
Link to Kram on Judge
Link to Paine on Judge
Hyperlink to FG on Kelly/Lynn
Hyperlink to FG on the Graveman commerce
Link to 2021 Graveman trade article
Link to White Sox playoff appearances
Hyperlink to FG on the Robertson commerce
Hyperlink to FG submit on the Cubs
Link to John Sherman’s letter
Link to BP on the Sherman letter
Link to FB thread on MLB vs. NFL owners
Link to EW emails database
Link to Rick Wilber’s website
Link to Twanisha Terry wiki
Link to MLBTR on Cronin

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